Ep. 326: Irina Poddubnaia - Trackmage
Irina is a SAAS founder and a business consultant who specializes in Operations and Processes Optimization. Irina has  over 8 years of experience in eCommerce with its different challenges and obstacles, from running a fulfilment center in China where she was living for over 2 years to launching her
Ep. 325: Inbal Claudio - Like Minded Collective
Inbal came up with the idea for Like-Minded Collective when her oldest daughter was 3 months old.As a candle maker, turned tech founder, her passion for networking with women entrepreneurs has led her to create Like Minded Collective, a social media platform for dreamers, creators and female founder
Ep. 324: Logan Shippy - Let's Talk About SaaS Baby...
"Software As A Service" - Such a beautiful and great business model and way to grow your business VERY FAST! Join us today as Logan and I talk about:How the world has gone from "brick & mortar to click & order"How you can focus on multiple products at onceDifferent ways SaaS products can make moneyH
Ep. 323: Judy Baker - Get More Bang For Your Book!
Book Marketing Mentor Judy M. Baker helps business authors get more bang for their book, turning content into cash long after a book launch.   After conquering cancer in 2014, she became an author advocate and self-publishing evangelist. Her memoir/guidebook will be published in 2022. Her workshops
Ep. 322: Mark Pillar - Turn Ideas Into Apps
Mark came to the U.S. as a refugee from the former Soviet Union in the early 90s and approaches his business from a perspective of grit, determination, and gratitude. He has worked in a variety of corporate roles in organizations from small start-ups to Fortune 100 companies. Mark can also talk abou
Ep. 321: How To Build A LinkedIn Profile For Business Success - with Daniel Alfon
LinkedIn is an extremely powerful tool that's mostly misunderstood. After training thousands of people on LinkedIn, Daniel Alfon developed a simple method that can help leaders reach their objective - without cold connecting, paying for a premium account, advertising or trying to become someone else

Vitamin D

Vitamin D - Ep. 2
Posted on 05/28/2021

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Vitamin D - Ep. 1
Posted on 05/21/2021

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