Ep. 313: Making Small Adjustments

For over one year, I lived with self-inflicted rib pain from a coughing bout in early 2020. I could have chosen to deal with this issue a long time ago, but for whatever reason I didn't. When I finally broke down and decided to do something about it, all it took was one chiropractor visit to notice a HUGE difference - and that's when I realized something again.

The biggest changes in life don't happen all at once - they are a result of small, incremental adjustments we make along our path to a target. There is always constant tweaking, adjusting and testing going on inside a business, so why would life be any different?

I bet there is something in your life that if you just adjusted in the smallest way, it could lead to a huge change that you've been wanting for a long time.

When we shift our path by 1 degree, we don't see a difference until we get miles down the road - but how great the difference can be....

What is one small adjustment you can make today to shift your path that 1 degree?

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