Ep. 297: David Essel: Your #1 Superpower...

Meet David Essel - #1 best selling author, life coach and counselor

Dubbed "the new leader of the Positive Thinking Movement" Mr. David Essel shared some surprising things with me.

From being a liar and addicted to drugs, to now helping and coaching people all over the world, the path David has taken in life is nothing short of incredible.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • why trusting your intuition is so important
  • how to do what drives you
  • anyone can bounce back from burn-out
  • why talking through your emotions is better than writing them down
  • why now is the best time ever to be in business if you're open-minded enough

Plus: what is our #1 superpower as human beings? The thing we can all tap into at anytime...?

For more on David Essel, head to www.talkdavid.com.

Thank you David for being on the show!

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