Ep. 291: Go Back Where You Came From!

There is a problem many of us face without even realize it:

We are constantly trying to get back to whatever the status quo was before a change happened in our life. 

Think about it: 

  • You're going along living your life and doing your thing
  • A "trigger" event happens and throws you into a different course or direction
  • You then spend your energy and effort trying to return to the place from which you were thrown off course - a.k.a. the status quo

The point however isn't to return to where you were previously - it's to move beyond that into a new and better place.

A tool I use to pull this off is called The Stack and I use it through a program called Wake Up Warrior. If you want to learn more about the Wake Up Warrior program, you can check it out here:


Where in your life have you been trying to return to the "status quo" when you now can start thinking about how to move beyond that place instead?

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