Ep. 308: Knowing When To Stop

With many of us working from home, or at least spending more time at home these days, the term "work-life balance" has brought on an entirely new meaning. How do you know when to lay down your work for the day? How can we differentiate between the blurred lines of work, family obligations, career aspirations and cooking dinner? It's a freaking nightmare.

One of the keys to pulling off a successful "balance" (or as close as you can get to it) becomes setting your priorities for your day. Make the important things stay the important things. There is a reason you can't get everything done in one day - newsflash - because you aren't supposed to.

I promise you, if you don't get everything done that you need to get done today, the world will not grind to a halt. Things will not come crashing down around you. There needs to be harder limits between you and the email feed, the social media scrolling and the aimless tasks that keep you "busy" every day.

Need help with setting your priorities for the day? Try the Daily Planning tool inside the Run Your Day mobile app. 

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