Ep. 310: Picking & Choosing - RICE

With so many things on your plate every day and so many options to pursue inside of this world, how do you actually make a decision? How do you determine for yourself which paths to follow and which to let go? Try the RICE method to figure it out:

Reach: Is the goal/target within your reach or making you reach further than you possibly can?

Impact: Is this goal/target more of a self-serving goal or are you going to have a bigger impact than you originally thought?

Confidence: Are you confident in your ability to actually get the job done? Too much confidence and you might not be Reaching enough, but too little confidence and you might need some mindset adjustment.

Effort: Is this goal/target going to simply require too much effort on your part, or will you be able to knock it out in a matter of 10% of the time yo budgeted for it? 

It's not about making all these areas perfect - it's about finding that balance inside of each frame to determine which goals & targets to truly pursue.

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